Essay about The Cultural Dimensions Of Leadership And Culture

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Leadership and Culture is a concept that I feel has great information for each and every person in general, but specifically for anyone in the workforce. The 9 cultural dimensions are very effective in identifying major aspects of working with people from different cultures. Ethnocentrism is a term that Northouse defines as, “the tendency for individuals to place their own group at the center of their observations of others and the world” (p.429). By defining this term in the beginning of the chapter, he is introducing a potential obstacle to being a successful leader who masters the concept of being able to lead not only people who are similar to yourself but much different. The GLOBE study is the part of leadership and culture that brings true awareness of how different geographic locations alone are completely different through quantitative data (Northouse, 2016). Not only is the information important in this study but the amount of dedication put forth to unify people from all over the world is true leadership. I feel as if I will use the 9 cultural dimensions in my future in order to understand and develop relationships with people from different walks of life. I am planning on pursuing a career in human resource management and I feel that within my career there will be many issues I will have to face dealing with ethnocentrism or prejudices. If I am knowledgeable of these dimensions it will make solving these issues much easier. Two of the nine dimensions stick out to…

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