The Counselor 's Role For A Health State Of Wellness And Mental Health Through Prevention And Educational Activities

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• Describe the counselor 's role in promoting optimal human development, wellness, and mental health through prevention and educational activities.
The counselor’s role is to work with the client to assist the client in overcoming any prevalent obstacles and challenging times, in order for the client to learn how to cope and deal with everyday life with peace. Though applying theories, the counselor can maximize the development of the client to a health state of wellness and mental stability. Wellness as defined involves a way of life, inclusive of mind, body and spirit within an individual and his/her surroundings. The Wheel of Wellness originally designed by Alder, and with additions from Meyer and Sweeney, includes different aspects of individual lives to have a connectedness to social environments as well as nature. In Eco Wellness, exposure to natural environments (access to nature) contributes to the development of one’s sense of self (environmental identity) and to both spiritual well-being and community connectedness (transcendence) (Reese & Myers, 2012). The counselor’s role is to help the client recognize what the client knows already and encourage the client to alter actions and cheerleads for the client’s success (Erford, 2014). Counselor’s aim to allow the client to see themselves through, and assist in healing, live in the present and make positive goal toward wholeness and happiness.

• Discuss the importance of the counselor 's role in developing…

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