The Cost Of College Tuition Essay

1105 Words Dec 13th, 2016 5 Pages
While there are many political issues that people strongly disagree on, there is one issue that most people agree needs to be fixed, college tuition. The main issue with higher education today is that tuition has risen to absurd levels. There are many different theories behind what is causing college costs to increase, and there are possible ways to bring tuition back down. If tuition is not brought back down to an affordable annual rate, the question will become whether a college degree is financially obtainable. While college tuition may not seem relevant to some, it affects everyone. If fewer kids go to college because of the increasing tuition, there will be fewer jobs, increasing unemployment, and an eventual economic downfall. Because of this, if the cost of college tuition continues to be ignored the economy will catch up and everyone will be up in arms over what happened. With the cost of college tuition increasing due to greater college expenditures, colleges must institute a plan to reduce tuition to an affordable level through means of capping tuition and reducing expenses. The very first question that needs to be addressed is, what is driving up the cost of college to increase every year. The leading theory for this tuition increase is attributed to the decrease in government funding. Sanford J. Ungar, the author of the article, “The New Liberal Arts” supports the claim that the government is to blame for the rise in college tuition. He says, “There is…

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