Reasons For College Solution Prices

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College tuition is rising faster than the rate of inflation. The Department of Education states “Between 2003–04 and 2013–14, prices for undergraduate tuition, fees, room, and board at public institutions rose 34 percent, and prices at private nonprofit institutions rose 25 percent, after adjustment for inflation” What is the reason for this increase? What can we fix? Can tuition increases be fixed? There are people who are looking into the reason tuition prices increase. Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer. The painful truth is the reason for rapidly rising tuition prices is the result of several factors. The first reason for increases in tuition prices is collegiate sports. In his book Higher Education in America, Professor Bok …show more content…
Every article, journal, and author mentioned neoliberalism at one point. Neoliberalism is an economic term in which the top one percent of any given country are not regulated or controlled in any way by the government. Neoliberalism works against everyone but the one percent. The one percent is not required to pay what is their fair share of taxes. These taxes help support the individuals who are handicapped or on welfare. Under this type of economy the upper, middle, lower, and poverty population carry the financial burden. Thus, state and federal programs suffer. Federally funded programs become programs funded by private organizations. Colleges have become an unfortunate example of neoliberalism. Colleges used to depend on some of their funding from a state or federal level. However, because of cutbacks some colleges have turned to private organizations to fill in some of the gaps. These private organizations do not view students as students. Rather they see students as customers. The companies hear students want their dorms to be more luxurious, so the companies install luxury items. Companies hear that states will not give the college as much money next year as they did last year. The companies offer the college a loan to pay for faculty and staff. Medicinal companies want their product put on the shelf. The company goes to a college it funds and has the staff perform biased tests on their products. Consequently, neoliberalism is a major factor in college tuition increases. In their book Take Back Higher Education Henry Giroux and Susan Giroux state “We want to return to the argument that corporations guided by the dictates of rapacious neoliberalism have been given too much power in this society, and that educators need to address this threat to all facets of public life organized around noncom modified principles such as the pursuit of knowledge,

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