The Controversy Over The Vaccine Essay

1187 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
The ultimate decision is up to the parents, and the feelings are strong on both sides of the debate. On the news lately there have been a number of stories of parents who believe the vaccine caused their child to become sick. One is a child who became autistic after receiving the vaccine, and although it is not known what caused his autism, his parents strongly believe it to be a side effect from the vaccine. Because of the controversy over the vaccine, there have been a number of studies trying to prove the overall safety of it. The recent debates over the right to refuse vaccinations based on personal beliefs is causing doctors to question whether treating unvaccinated children is too much of a threat to the community and to the patients who are not able receive the vaccine. Many pediatricians are no longer treating kids whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children (Mejia 1). One doctor refused to treat a toddler who was not vaccinated, he then said, “We decided that patients who are not vaccinated are presenting a clear and present danger. It just wasn’t fair for a small number of patients to put those many patients, who either couldn’t be vaccinated because they’re too young or had a weakened immune system, at risk” (1). This new rule is starting to spread to many doctors’ offices around the United States. While almost all doctors support vaccinations and believe it is dangerous to not be vaccinated, many also believe that refusing to treat the unvaccinated is not…

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