Mandatory Vaccination Cons

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Vaccinations, a mandatory process all kids need to complete in order to stay in schools. While there are laws that mandate the need for vaccinations, there are those who oppose them. Lately there has been a real uproar about vaccinations, making them seem controversial; like it infringes on their rights and how the vaccinations are just for profit and their main driving force creates autism and or permanent damages in children. Given these counter clams I believe they miss the point of why vaccinations are essential which are to keep every child safe, to stop outbreaks and keep morality rates down. Everybody’s seen those infomercials where they pick an underprivileged group ranging from the rain forest, panda’s and African children, but their …show more content…
Sometimes pros win over the cons and other times the cons win over the pros. Concerned Parents think about this when getting their children vaccinated, but in this case the pros outweigh the cons. One pro for essential vaccination include prevention of outbreaks and the spreading of diseases. When someone thinks about outbreaks and spread of diseases most would come up with the example of” the black death”. The Black Death happened in the 14th century and killed more than 25 million people in a short period, but if we had the vaccine technology in the past as we do now we could have saved maybe 70% of them. If you calculate that 70% of 25 million equals about 18 million, even at 50% we could have saved 12 million. Another pro is that there is a low risk from common vaccines. For example rubella, a ruthless virus known for causing birth defects and miscarriages in pregnant women and according to Vaccines in the last outbreak in the mid 60’s rubella caused 11,600 babies to be born deaf 3,580 be born blind 1,800 born mentally handicapped and worst of all 11,250 fetal deaths and 2,100 newborn deaths (Vaccines, 58). A vaccine was then created and given to pregnant women which eradicated the virus and the only cases reported after were 9 cases in 2004 (didn’t originate in the United States). if anyone knows anything in the medical field anything dealing with pregnant women holds all types of warnings and restrictions, but the vaccine had so small of a risk to their health and the baby’s health that it was administered without a second

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