Vaccination Pros Cons

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Vaccinations in schools around the U.S has been one of the biggest controversies that has ever come up before. Religious beliefs have been one of the largest problems. It in its self has brought a big controversy because some religions are against getting vaccinations. Also people with health issues have been a great drawback in getting people vaccinated. But the importance of keeping the children safe around the country out ways the negative side. Vaccines in the U.S have benefited the U.S in multiple ways. There isn’t anything more important than protecting the future of the United States, and that means to protect the children because the children are the future. With the new medical advances in the U.S diseases have been cured or even …show more content…
The risk of a mass outbreak of disease is too great to be taken lightly. This year alone more than six hundred cases of measles have been reported (Does the Vaccine Matter). To increase that chance of more people getting infected would be the country’s biggest mistake when it comes to its health system. The fact of the matter is that seventy six percent of the country is already vaccinated (A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Vaccines). Even with that number there has still been many outbreaks which is not acceptable. So to allow more kids into school that have not been vaccinated is the most ridiculous idea ever brought up. Every person deserves a safe habitable life style and not have to worry about being infected with a life threatening disease. Those who have religious beliefs should be given the choice to either leave the school or get the vaccine. Many will not agree with this, but it will have to be something to live with. The entire country and most likely half of the world is looking for a way to get rid of the deadly viruses, but there will always be another come up and vaccines will have to be made in order to stop them. Vaccines in the past have rescued millions of lives and even put diseases like polio to death. People would much rather live in a country that is not only safe from outside threats but also safe from its self and things that happen inside the country like diseases. Lives are too valuable to be thrown away by letting people that have not been vaccinated just walk around on the streets and in the

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