The Controversial Cases Of Legalizing Same Sex Sexual Activity Around The Nation

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I. Intro/Rationale
Lawrence v. Texas (2003) was one of the most controversial cases for legalizing same-sex sexual activity around the nation. The case has marked a new era to the LGBT community which has given them legal respect. Lawrence v. Texas is considered the most significant breakthrough of gay rights in our time that has given people equality and liberty. All the state laws banning homosexual sodomy were ruled as unconstitutional. Court overturned the Texas anti-sodomy law as a violation of the right to privacy and the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause. This case challenged the previous ruling in a Georgia case, Bowers v. Hardwick (1986), by ruling it unconstitutional.
Majority of the sodomy laws were developed in the 20th century to decrease the rate of unusual sexual activities among two people of the same sex or different sex. Bowers v. Hardwick was one such case that officials used to practice and strengthen the sodomy laws. The case was struck in 1986, in regards of the Georgia sodomy law criminalizing two adults from having oral and anal sex in open or in private. This case took place when Atlanta police officer Keith Torick arrested Michael Hardwick for having oral sex with a companion of the same sex. Enraged with this situation and believing the state’s sodomy were invalid, he sued Michael Bowers, attorney general of Georgia. U.S Supreme Court issued a ruling of 5-4, upholding the sodomy laws. Later in 2003, this case ruling was overturned by the…

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