The Consequences Of Domestic Violence In New Zealand

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Domestic Violence represents a social problem which impacts people's lives in New

Zealand. According to Are You Ok organisation (2014) about half of the homicides in New

Zealand are committed by a person known to family. On average, family violence occurs

every half and 5 minutes, and about 76% of it was not reported to police. Official crime

statistics shows that from 2009 to 2013 a total of 13 women, 10 men and 9 children were

killed each year as a result of such pervasive crime. According to a study by Jane Fanslow

and Elizabeth Robinson between 33% to 39% of New Zealanders have experienced physical

or sexual assault from their intimate partner (Women's refuge, 2015).

There has been a slight increase in family violence since
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Victims of domestic violence are significantly affected by its consequences, which

could be physical injuries, psychological disorders, lack of connection with family and future

relationships. Many factors are connected to domestic violence, and the nature of them all

have not been explained, such as gender, alcohol, race, gender, age, mental disorders and

socioeconomic status (Mears, 2003). However, these factors may explain the nature of

domestic violence crime prevention and social reaction to it. There are differences among

programs, policies and views on how to prevent/measure/punish such crime.

There are several ways to reduce domestic violence and its revictimization. Social

service interventions refer to shelters, support groups, and advocacy services (Dewey et al.,

2003). Shelters are places where women and children are safe from their intimate partner or

father. It may be considered as an emergency facility to live at and build plans for a new life

without being abused. Shelter staff members help victims of abuse to overcome their fears, to

help make new life, achieve goals and to manage their future by finding a job and their place

to live at (Dewey et al., 2003). As it seems, shelters may be one of the places where
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In order to be given a room, women must report to emergency shelter services

about their daily life basis, current family situation and report any life changes while at this

facility. Often it is hard for them to open up and find this drive to go on and stop being a

victim. Another issue with shelters is personal appointments. The problem with this is that

usually victims of family abuse are controlled by husband/boyfriend/parents and are not able

or too afraid to leave the house as not to be punished if escaped have failed. Shelters may be

a good place for those who are in need of an emergency to leave current home, but the

effectiveness of it is not known.

Another social approach to prevent domestic violence is by peer support group. Those

groups are designed to assist victims with a clearer understanding of how and why they

become victims of family abuse. Also, it covers further discussion considering possible

services which deal with such issues. Peer support groups are "organisation", where one can

talk it out and decide what their future is. These support groups often try to reduce chances of

revictimization by providing information about successful better future. However,

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