The Conflict Theory Will Help Identify The Sources Of Discord

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Looking at Clark 's family dynamics, the conflict theory will help identify the sources of discord. The conflict theory typically looks for sources of conflict and causes of human behavior on a bigger scale in society. However, it can be applied to a smaller faction to understand the dimensions of family relationships. Conflict theory will help understand and recognize how the Clark family lost their momentum in their lives.
Since moving in with her son, Martha has lost her ability to manage her life. She is now a "patient" instead of the caretaker. The Clark family is struggling in a weak economy. Al is powerless in the labor marketplace. Many workers who were laid off in recent decades—as technology, globalization, and recession wiped out lower-skilled roles—don 't have the skills to do today 's jobs (Sussman, 2016). The Clark family have worries about access to healthcare and pharmacy. The Affordable Care Act did not help, and the concerns about accessing health care have added more conflict to their household. The question is whose medicine is more important, Al 's or Martha 's. Communication has become tense between Al and Betty due to scarce resources. Al is verbally abusive to his mother. With money being tight, home repairs are in competition with caregiving needs of Martha.
Since Al 's unemployment, the gender roles of the Clark family have changed. Betty is now the primary breadwinner and carriers the power. Not only is the primary financial source…

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