The Conception Of Opening A Free Clinic Essay

1039 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
The conception of opening a free clinic for all is a great one. It is an opportunity not only to avail the needy but additionally to give back to the society. It is a noble conception that is faced with sundry challenges, but the overall benefits are worth the trouble. According to the Goldin and Hanson (18), establishing a free clinic requires several resources such as capital, business plan, primary care practitioners, specialist medicos and dentists, competent non-medical volunteers among other resources. There are additionally the challenges of establishing the clinic that is made arduous by the lack of felicitous facilities within the area. Many Americans do not have any medical covers, and, consequently, they are unable to afford felicitous medical care. It is an initiative that will ascertain these people receive congruous medical care for free for the entire period the clinic will be set up.
Establishing a free clinic for all is not a facile task. It is an initiative that requires the involution of several bodies within the neighborhood. The main reason for coming up with this initiative was due to the sizably voluminous number of people who do not have medical indemnification covers. The Community Implement Box (2015) suggests that salubrious communities make it possible for other businesses to run efficaciously and efficiently. Most people in this community cannot afford any consequential medical treatment for their conditions and, ergo, are left at the mercy of…

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