Disadvantages Of Free Health Care

Free health care is known as a health care system that provides health care to all citizens of a particular country. According to the article “A Great Example of Why Everyone Should Have Health Coverage,” the author mentions that “Providing basic health care is the humane thing to do, and in the long run, it will be cost effective”(McClanahan, 2012). In fact, The World Health Organization(WHO) shows that 400 million people around the world do not have access to essential health services. However, in the debate over health care, some people believes that it is an inhuman action to turn away somebody who is in need of medical treatment simply because they don’t have enough money while other claimed that if health care is free, it will cause negative …show more content…
One of the disadvantages of free health care is tax raising problem. Even the term of universal health care is free, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay anything at all. Which means that people actually have to pay for the free medical care in the form of taxes. And the government has to raise tax from every citizen in the country in order to make free health care possible to access. Consequently, this can be a problem for people livelihood since they have to pay for tax for this system and another usual taxes. Also, it is unfair for some people who have to pay health care for someone who they aren’t related to them and did not work at all. Another negative impact of universal health care is loss of morality. For instance, some people will take advantage of free health care, and don’t care about their health or tend to act risky which can lead to some serious injuries. This can lead to a greater spending on the health care system. As a result, government will have to provide less quality health care treatment in order to sustain the country’s health care budget. Which means that people will be able to access to certain service instead of full service that they could be able to get like before. As Arnold Kling, a PhD in economic from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, states that “In theory, everyone has access. In practice, however, too many people wait for care and too many people receive low-quality care.” Lastly, the primary disadvantage of free health care is lack of competition. It’s is true that competition is a major factor in creating new innovations. And it is known that budgets of universal health care are controlled by the government itself. This can leads to a decrease of new innovations and development of the countries. For instance, the United States, which does not have any free health care service, its pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

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