The Concentration Of Sensorial Practice Essay

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“She must guide the child leaving it free-this is the height and summit of liberty” (Maria Montessori/her life and work, page 286) I remember the boy, who was very calm and quite 3 year old. Every morning, He came into school and chose the knob cylinder over and over again. He worked with only the knobs for 2 hours and it last about for 6 months. He knew what he is doing and liked it responding his inner sensibility. Through the concentration of sensorial practice, he absorbs not only the concept of arithmetic, but also found himself and be ready to travel the various prepared path to. If I interrupted him and choose other area work for his balanced experience and development, if I broke his own impulse and tried to lead him by my will, he wouldn’t be independent by the love of work. However, I confess that it wasn’t easy to understand and follow him with patience, then my bias had broken through the observation in the classroom.
“We must not be frightened if we find ourselves coming up against certain contradictions at every step. You must not imagine that liberty is something without rule or law.” (Maria Montessori/her life and work, page 286) When I started my first internship at primary classroom, the most difficult problem caused from the freedom of choice at the beginning of school year. A new child used to love to take materials out because it looked so interesting to touch. When the new one observed the older one taking the materials out freely, so the new…

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