Essay on The Community Health Care Nurse

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A community is to be a group of people and institutions that share the same geographic, civic, and some social parameters. There are many varies characteristics in a communities and their health needs, also the health of a community is determined by the extend or the degree at which the community collective health needs are identified and eventually met. In this case the community health care nurse will assess the health of the community by identifying the key health needs and issues of that community through a systematic, comprehensive data collection and analysis. The nurse will utilize the resources through a multisector collaboration that will support shared ownership of all phases of the health in the community such as health improvement, health planning, health investment (preventive measures), health implementation, and evaluation of health. “The nurse will also use a proactive method in assessing health of the community, an evidence- based assessment tools” ( intervention, encouragement of innovative practice with a proper thorough evaluation. As a registered nurse the benefits of assessing the health of a community will increase the nurse knowledges about the community health and need. Healthy people is a set of achievable goals and objectives with a 10 years’ targets which is design to guide the national health promotion, prevention of diseases for the improvement of all people in the United states. The purpose of healthy people 2020 is focused and…

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