The Communication Self Assessment Tests Helped Me Discover A Lot About Myself

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All the communication self-assessment tests helped me discover a lot about myself. The communication self-assessment score that surprised me the most was Affective Orientation. My affective orientation was 31, which falls in the category of lower affective orientation. The Interpersonal Communication book states that, “affective orientation refers to the extent to which they [people] are aware of their emotions and subsequently use that awareness as information to make decisions, engage in communicative actions” (p.46, IP). So according to the definition, I tend to be slightly unaware about my emotions. My friends and family members often tell me that I am not very emotional. The scores also tell me that my feelings do not necessarily interfere my decisions. I am surprised that, this test was able to accurately predict it. I was also surprised, when I concluded that low affective orientation could also mean that I do not understand how emotionally stressed I am. Being too emotionally stressed and not being able to understand that, can be deleterious to my mental health. Other reason why I was surprised is that I get emotional when I see emotional scenes in movies, but my affective orientation score is still low. From this I can conclude that I need something to trigger my affective orientation.
As mentioned previously, I scored low on affective orientation. This is the area where I might struggle in “seeing patients as people”. Being able to balance the impact our emotions…

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