Cardiac Physiology Case Study

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This assignment consists of an action plan that will aid me becoming a cardiac physiologist upon my graduation. This is someone that is involved in the treatment and diagnosis of patients, regardless of age with heart disease. They investigate and monitor the workings of the heart by doing such, they retrieve the diagnosis. Consequently, becoming the “tools that cardiologists and surgeons need to diagnose and treat heart disease” ( plan will help me progress in the right speed in terms of, giving me a much more transparent path to where I need to be and what I need to do, to actually become a cardiac physiologist. …show more content…
Effectively, this mean for me to become a successful cardiac physiologist I must be comfortable enough to communicate with my patients so they do too can be tranquil, in a situation where It is hard to be. Even when you do indeed have good verbal skills it is still “a constant challenge as each patient is different” ( However, often when the patient sees that there isn’t a tense atmosphere, things become easier. Having exceptional verbal skills doesn’t only mean that you are sophisticated when talking or easy to understand, it also conveys the message that you can be an easy person to talk to and in this case particularly be comfortable enough to discuss the health/cardiac issues. Additionally, subsequent to my research I discovered that even though physiology is the study of “natural science of the body” (Stegemann, J. (1981) Exercise physiology: physiologic bases of work and sport. Chicago 3: Year Book Medical Publishers), and does contain both practical and theory work, one has also discovered that work physiology has the important job of “humanizing man’s working place as a branch of ergonomics” ((Stegemann, J. (1981) Exercise physiology: physiologic bases of work and sport. Chicago 3: Year Book Medical Publishers), and this happens as a result of people having good interpersonal skills. Thus, personally this is another skill that I find imperative to have, without it things such as teamwork can become difficult and result in failure, therefore becoming an obstacle in progress. Being someone that knows how to cooperate will actually benefit me in the work environment. Working with other

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