Ventricles Case Study

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1. Based on the information provided, the left atrium and left ventricle are not working properly due to mitral valve not working appropriately. The reason this set of valves was chosen is because in the passage, it stated that the X-Ray show an enlargement in the left atrium and left ventricle. This happen is due to inefficient cycle of blood resulting in abnormal heart sound or heart murmur. Mitral valve of the left side is misshape and less flexible. Mitral valve has a leakage and allows blood to backflow into the atrium when ventricle contracted. This condition can be the result of valvular insufficiency. This occurs when one of the heart valve leaks because the cusps do not close tightly enough. It can caused by inflammation in the heart …show more content…
• P wave – electrical changes of atrial depolarization.
• QRS complex – electrical associated with ventricular depolarization.
• T wave – electrical associated with ventricular repolarization.
• P-Q segment – associated atria plateau. (no electrical charge)
• S-T segment – associated with ventricles plateau. (no electrical charge)
• P-R interval – represent the period from atrial to ventricular depolarization. The time requires transmitting an action potential through the entire conduction system.
• Q-T – interval – period from ventricular depolarization to ventricular repolarization. The time require for action potential to occur within the ventricles

This patient will not have a normal EKG. First, their cardiac output is below normal. Second, their left side of the heart has a blockage and blood buildup, which is abnormal and will not have a normal electrical signal such as the P-wave and T-wave, throughout the heart. The P-wave and T-wave will have a distinct pattern because the atrial and ventricle will not depolarize and repolarize normally. The EKG for this patient will have a longer QRS complex and T wave because the left atrial and ventricles will not repolarize efficiently. The P-R and Q-T interval will also have a longer range than 0.20 second due to weaken electrical conduction that causes by the heart

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