Bio 204 Case Study Review

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Jessica Grandier
Bio 204 section 201
Case Study

1a What are the normal values for PH, Erythrocyte count, Leucocyte count, Platelet count. ( 1 point each)
The normal values for PH are 7.35-7.45, the normal erythrocyte count for males is 4.7 - 6.1*10^6 /ul million and for women it is 4.2 -5.4*10^6/ ul million, Leucocyte count is 4,800-10,00 mmm^3 of blood and normal platelet count is 150,00-450,00 platelet for microliters.
1b What are the terms used for increase and decrease in PH? ( 1 point each)
An increase in ph is alkalosis and decrease in ph is acidosis.
1c What are the terms used for Increase and decrease in Erythrocyte, Leucocyte, and Platelet count? ( 1 point each) An increase in Erythrocytes is polycythemia and a
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( high/ Low) ( 1 point)
The normal hemocrit for males is 47 +- 5% and the patients hematocrit is 60% so it slightly high.. The hemoglobin is also slightly high at 19%, whereas the normal values for an adult male is 13-18mg/100 ml
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Jones? ( 1point)
You will have left side heart failure.
8b Name a signs and symptoms of left sided heart failure ( 1 point)
In left side heart failure you can experience Pulmonary edema, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, crackles, wheezing, blood tinged septum, tachycardia, orthopnea , extertional dyspena, tachypcynea, and cyanosis.
8c Explain in detail the mechanism of development of pulmonary edema in this patient. How do diuretics help in his treatment? ( 3 points)
If you have poor cardiac output blood will back up into the veins that connect the heart to the lungs and has the pressure in these veins get higher fluid will leak out of the veins into the air spaces in the lungs, You give a diuretic so the body will pull more fluid out and pee it out. 9a If the person is refractory to the heart failure medications, he can go into shock. What is the type of shock that you can expect in this person. What are some of the signs and symptoms of Shock? ( 1 point)
Cardogenic shock and the symptoms are low blood pressure, rapid pulse, decreased urinated and altered mental status/
9b Explain in detail the short term and Long term compensatory mechanisms that come into play as a result of the condition in

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