Case Study On Cardiomyopathy

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Heart Attack Heart attack is the consequence and progression of worsening CAD. The coronary artery become partial of completely blocked and suddenly stop the blood flow. Without oxygen part of the heart become permanently damaged and loses its ability of contractility; resulting in scarred area or necrosis. These damage are permanent or irreversible (Mozaffarian et al., 2015).
Cardiomyopathy is a diseased heart muscle. The chambers of the heart enlarge and the heart muscle stretches and weakens. The heart muscle becomes severely enlarged and some cases, the muscle tissue is replaced with scar tissue. As the condition progresses, the heart loses its ability to pumping blood to supply the body needs; resulting in HF or arrhythmias,
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The blood pushes against the artery walls very hard as travels through the arteries. Therefore, the heart works harder to push blood to supply the body. Consequently, to manage this extra work the heart becomes rigid and thicker; because the heart cannot fully contract and relax inside the pericardium, so pumping action become ineffective and the heart is less able to do its job (Mozaffarian et al., …show more content…
The inclusion and exclusion of articles for this project were based on Grove, Burns, and Gary (2013) concept of the trustworthiness which compresses four criteria such as credibility, confirmability, dependability, and transferability. Consequently, CINAHL Plus with full text was used due to the tremendous variety, consistency, and precisely a major database of nursing and allied health information in books, dissertations, peer review journals, and etc. The searching key words were heart failure disease process and intervention. A total of full text newspaper article 1,184,253, journal articles 845,303, book/eBook 515,055 were found. The next criterion was the year between 2013 to present for the most contemporaneous evidence-based research practice on heart failure; a total of 448,963 articles were found. Therefore, the selection was based on relevancy and reputability source such as The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, The Scientific World Journal, American College of Cardiology Foundation, American Heart Association, The Journal American Medical Association, and The New England Journal of

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