The Colonization Of The British East India Essay

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1763, the English have defeated the French and finally stop their expansion plans in American territory. However the parliament starts to generate some discomfort among the settlers, and these to see the abuses that are being committed, they begin to question whether they really need the Englishmen. On the one hand after the war the British begin to generate the collection of taxes in order to recover the money invested in War and through which favored the settlers was unique. On the other hand, they sent an army to stop the plan of expansion of the colonies to Indian Territory, which generated nuisance among he settlers, also an excess authority makes everything rustier, since the British Army did not have barracks, and the Parliament authorized them to stay with the citizens in their houses. Finally England offers to the British East India Company exclusively sell you directly to the American colonies. The answer for these and other injustices will not be peaceful by the settlers, who would begin different rebellions around different cities opening their path to their independence.
British Parliament did not know how to take control over the colonies, and the strategy of imposing new rules which did not cooperate to the colonies, but in return if harmed. The colonists already were few, after the War of the 7 years with France, its population had increased to over two million, the need for sustenance by England was unnecessary since they could generate their own resources,…

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