The City Of Toronto Is A Multicultural City Essay

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I remember growing up in small low-class apartment in the city of Toronto. I was born the youngest. I had one brother and one sister there were twins and two years older than me. My parents were either working or cooking us food. My sibling and I used to sit on the sofa watching cartoons while my parents were cooking for us. When the food was ready, we had to go eat on the dining table with everyone. I was fortunate to have parents that could cook delicious food but even more a dad that could cook better than my mom.

The city for Toronto is a multicultural city with all kinds of people. I grew up and went to school with all kind of friends and I always used compete against each other in basketball, soccer, football, and track. I was not the best at basketball or soccer, but my speed made up for it in track. When I was in grade six, I made track team to run the 100 meters and 400 meters. Grade six ended and we were on summer vacation. Both parents had to start working full-times to meet the pay the rent. We were living paycheck to paycheck, but always had a full fridge. As my parents started working more and more they used to come home tired and not wanting to cook. My parents used to buy food for fast food places or restaurants and leave it for us to eat because they had to go to work. As I started eating more and more of the fast food they used to bring, I watched my belly get bigger and bigger.
Once Grade seven started, the first day I tried to wear my…

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