Essay on The Choice I Made Drugs And Children

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The Choice I Made; Drugs and Children

Sure there’s weed that just about everyone tries at one point or another in their lives, but in this city, at my school, just about everyone was a heavy smoker, both cigs and weed, and we were all only fifteen to eighteen years of age, this is not okay. You should know, I’m from the city of Chattanooga, yes the one with the fastest Internet in the world, a city that also has a very high violent crime rate and drug use per citizen. You can find almost anything in my city from weed to meth and everything in between, something that isn’t advertised when people talk about how amazing, beautiful, and technologically advanced the city is. Even in the middle school my senior year of high school a thirteen year old kid was expelled for bringing cocaine in. I always thought to myself, “maybe all the kids I know will just stick to weed I mean that’s what everyone says right? Weed only!” When my friend, Amanda, showed me what she had brought into school one day, I was so pissed and so confused I could only do one thing.
“Look what I have!” Amanda says as she pulls out a small bag full of white powder.”
“Is that cocaine?” I yelled at her when I saw it.
“Sure is! I got it for free cause I know a guy that started selling!”
At this point I was outraged for a number of reason the least of which was her bringing it into school.
“What the hell are you thinking!” I yelled and grabbed it from her sliding it into my pocket.
“Hey! Give that back its…

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