The Characteristics Of The Nursing Process In Nursing Care

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This concept is taken from Block 4, Module 3 which is entitled as ‘Health assessment in nursing process’. The nursing process is the framework for providing professional and quality nursing care. It directs nursing activities for health promotion, health protection, and disease prevention. It is used my nurses in every practice settings and specialties. “The nursing process provides the basis for critical thinking in nursing” (Alfaro- Lefavre, 1998, P.64).
3.1 Personal context
In nursing practice, nursing process is one of the basis of practice. It provides a framework for rendering adequate and quality nursing care. Nursing process aims at promoting good health and prevention
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Characteristics of nursing process include the following;
• Periodic and dynamic- information obtained from each nursing process phase leads to the next phase. Nursing process is often repeated and changed at regular intervals. It is never static.
Patient centered- for patients’ needs to be met, a plan of care based on the needs of the patients is formed, implemented and evaluated in order to meet each patient’s health needs.
• Universally applied- all nurses in various healthcare institutions use the nursing process format to plan an individualized care for patients. It makes nursing care easier.
• Problem solving
• Decision making
The phases of nursing process include;
• Assessment- it is the collection of data (subjective and objective) about a patient and conduction of physical examination which includes; inspection, palpation, percussion and
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these factors endanger the health of the people and exposing them to certain health problems.
Nurses play great role in health promotion of the individuals, families and the communities through the following ways;
• Health education- the nurse provides knowledge on the need for behavioral or lifestyle change. This enables individuals to change from those actions that pose great danger to health. The knowledge is provided for the people through trainings, support teams, etc.
• Proper communication- the nurse create awareness for change in lifestyle or actions that does not promote healthy living through wellness fair programs, campaigns, health adverts etc.
• Environment- the nurse should assist in making the environment healthy for the people by encouraging them to keep their surroundings clean, drink good water and feed well, encourage them to visit the health care facilities whenever they notice any symptoms so that their health problems can easily be treated on

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