Nursing Care Plan Sample

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Norma Valdez-Rosa
South University Online
July 14, 2016

EVALUATION The nursing care plan consists of five components and is the essential core of practice in order for the registered nurse to be able to deliver holistic patient centered care. The nursing care plan is a tool used to help identify patient problems and ways to meet the needs of the patients based on evidence based practices. The final phase of a nursing care plan is the evaluation; this is where the responses to the nursing interventions are reviewed to determine if the goals have been met. This is an ongoing process that helps measure the quality of health care that is being delivered and if goals are being met. The
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I will be visiting with the family and looking for visible signs of the effectiveness of the care plan. For example, (1) teach importance of health care for diabetes; this goal is met as evidenced by Jose’s log of blood glucose checks in the morning are ranging from 90-100. Jose’s results of the hemoglobin A1C level of 8, as compared to a value of 12, three months ago, (2) provide education on the health risks of diabetes; this goal is partially met as evidenced by Jennifer keeping a log on a calendar of the meals that are prepared at home. Jennifer still does not understand that eating high fat foods can lead to strokes, and heart disease. This goal is ongoing, as Jennifer still needs reminders of the healthier food choices in the meal plans, and (3) provide education to prevent further complications of diabetes; goal is partially met as evidenced by the results of the a four pound weight loss for Jennifer, Kayla and Gina who are overweight and at risk for diabetes. For Jose, to prevent complications since he is a newly diagnosed diabetic on insulin and is able to verbalize some of the complications of diabetes such as eye complications, neuropathy, foot complications leading to amputations, kidney damage and need for dialysis. Evaluation of the care plan will be ongoing and will be reassessed for any changes …show more content…
A=Assess for childhood obesity in the community. Utilize the Health Center for checkups. P=Plan and develop education classes for the community on nutrition, diet, exercise and disease process. I=Implement these diabetic classes; classes will be held at the Health Center every Saturday at 9am and 2pm to allow attendance for all families. T=Track the aggregate and the effectiveness of these classes. Do follow up visits by phone or face to face every three months to assess the effectiveness of the classes and to find out if there is a need to change or add more topics and activities. By the end of one year, this aggregate will be able to exercise five days a week, show a 10 pound weight loss each, verbalize blood glucose results under 100 and be able to verbalize healthy food choices and meal plans. This family will verbalize understanding of setbacks and the importance of getting back on

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