Douglas Hamilton Case Study Quiz

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REASON FOR REFERRAL: Mr. Douglas Hamilton was referred by his physician at Baptist Bariatric Clinic, for a psychological evaluation as a prerequisite for surgery.

TEST ADMINISTERED: Personal History Check List, Overeating Questionnaire, Symptom Checklist 90- Revised (SCL-90-R), Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI), Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI), Verbal I.Q, Forer Sentence Completion, Beck Depression Inventory and Clinical Interview.
BEHAVIOR OBSERVATION: Mr. Douglas Hamilton was a well-dressed, 65-year-old, married Caucasian male who presented for interview and testing timely. He presented himself in a forthright manner with no indication of misrepresenting his history or psychological complaints. Mr. Hamilton was oriented
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Hamilton began to gain weight in high school while playing football and his weight gain has been gradual over the years. Mr. Hamilton reported he enjoys food. His wife is attempting to receive bariatric surgery the same time him. Mr. Hamilton is 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs 280 pounds. His triggers to eat are: stress eating, TV eater, and when he sees food he eats it without restraint in the past. Mr. Hamilton has attempted The Diet Center, exercise and Nutrisystem; losing 40 pounds with a 2 to 4 year maintenance. His problem foods, by report, are sweets.
TEST RESULTS: Mr. Hamilton's performance on the Verbal Scale of WASI placed him at the 70th percentile in an Average Range of
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Hamilton may have a tendency to present himself in a favorable light minimizing his shortcomings to which most would admit. His clinical profile shows no marked elevations. However, he may have mild variable moods where he may see himself and self-confident and ambitious and others may see him as demanding or inpatient. He tends to approach life with resilience and a sense of purpose. Interpersonally, he may be somewhat passive. Mr. Hamilton is reporting very few stressful events in the recent past and has a well-developed social network to turn to if stress is

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