Social Worker Assessment

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Identifying Information G. F. is a 42 year old, bi-racial, single, heterosexual male. G. F. lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before being detain at the Allegheny County Jail on September 24, 2016. Client states that he does not have any aliases.
Reason for Referral G. F. was referred from the Allegheny County Jail to Allegheny County Treatment Alternative (ACTA). G. F. presents with Opioid Use Disorder (F11.10), severe and Cocaine Use Disorder (F14.10), severe. Client stated that before incarceration he was using approximately 20 to 25 bag of heroin per day and smoking approximately $100 to $150 worth of crack cocaine per day. G. F. stated that he began using both heroin and cocaine at the age of 23. Client shared that his drug use has led
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He was appropriately dressed and attentive during our discussion. G. F. was able to communicate effectively and answered all the questions during the assessment. He was able to recall many experiences and memories from the …show more content…
F. seems to be lacking social support, particularly sober social support. He seems to have difficulty developing emotionally stable and/or positive relationships. He appears to be indifferent about learning how to develop positive relationships and rebuilding a relationship with his father. G. F. appears to comprehend the impact his drug use has had on his life. At this time, he appears to be minimizing the impact his disease has had on his children and the mother of his children. Client seems somewhat motivated for treatment but does not give the impression that he is fully committed to recovery. Client appears to be adjusting to the program environment normally. He appears to interact with the other clients and staff members. Client does not appear to have any issues with his culture or his cultural identity. Client appears to have several strengths including a willingness to learn about recovery, effective communication, positive attitude, and being a hard worker. G. F. weaknesses appear to be a limited education, limited employment history, ineffective coping skills, and strained familial relationships. G. F. seems appropriate for 3C LOC. It appears that he will benefit from this program 's

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