Essay about The Characteristics Of Effective Followers

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Characteristics of Effective Followers

Behind every productive work space there are followers and leaders who by working together are able to effectively and efficiently to get the job done. Many may think that great leadership skills produce effective and efficient work, but in reality effective followers are what help leaders. Through their joint effort they are able to get the task done. Five characteristics needed to be an effective follower according to Gwen Moran in her article "Five Ways Being a Good Follower Makes you a Better Leader" are awareness, diplomacy, courage, collaboration and critical thinking (Moran 2014).


In a working environment being aware of one 's surroundings is important in order be able to work effectively with other workers. Moran mentions "Being a follower teaches you how to be aware of the needs of other people as well as their potential... good followers learn to read people and understand what upsets and motivates them" (Moran 2014). People deal with problems daily and most of the time they bring them to work. Being able to understand people can prevent many future problems with people. For example a coworker who has just suffered a loss will most likely miss work and be moping for the next couple of days. Being aware of their loss will help understand them and consul them in their time of need. This helps the work environment run smoothly and it creates a positive atmosphere. By letting workers know they are not alone in…

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