The Character Analysis Of Huck's Greatest Strengths

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Mick is one the most interesting character and the most unique characters out of all the characters to me. Mick is a character that has changed a lot throughout the whole book. What do you think Micks greatest strengths and weaknesses are? Mick is a very outgoing character throughout the whole book she usually does whatever she want expect when she has to take care of her two younger brother Ralph and Bubber. But when she is done taking care of them she can do whatever she please to do. Her greatest strength is her music; greatests weaknesses are her “Inner Room” and trying to fit in with everyone at vocational school.
Micks greatest strength is her music. It makes her feel better when she is feeling down. When she listens to it she tries to
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She had just started going to vocational school and had not made any friend because of her appearance. She tries having a prom party for her and certain people from vocational school to get to know them better so she can become friends with them because she has no friends at the school because of her appearance. Her and her family decorate the house with autumn decorations the day of the party. But, then the neighborhood kids showed up outside of her party. She went on a walk with Harry around the block and when they got back the neighborhood kids had intruded to her party and was messing everything up. Then at the end of the prom party everyone was now chasing each other around. Until mick tried to jump over a ditch and landed right in the middle of it and got hurt, so she sent everyone home and said the party was officially really over. Mick had told a couple neighborhood kids to go home. “ You go right home, Baby Wilson. Go on now” (McCullers PG113). She had also told sucker wells to go home. “ You go home, Sucker Wells. You quit hanging around where you’re not invited” (McCullers PG113). Although he only went down the street and set on the

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