The Two Wes Moore Essay

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The Two Wes Moore’s and Their Different Choices
President Mark Keenums statement about the other Wes Moore was completely true when he said “That’s what [The Other Wes Moore] is all about. Two people with virtually identical lives, the only difference between them being the choices they made. Their choices made all the difference” (Keenum). The Other Wes Moore is a novel about two people that grew up in the same neighborhood, however, had completely different outcomes. The Author, Moore had the better outcome in the story and the other Wes Moore did not turn out so well. Throughout the novel, each off the Wes Moore’s had a tough tragedy by losing their fathers at an early age, they also both received second chances at a young age, and they
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He had the opportunity to play at a very high level because of his football athletic ability. When Wes was eight years old he got into an incident with some neighborhood boys when he was playing football, it ended with Wes running home and grabbing a knife. After Wes grabbed the knife the cops were called and he and the other young boy were both put into handcuffs. When Wes was young he also got involved in selling and taking drugs. When he was fifteen years old his older brother noticed, Wes had a collection of nice sneakers and was wondering how we was getting them. Wes told Tony the same lies he told his mother that it was from Djing. Wes’s mother finds drugs in his room and throws them out. Wes freaks out and yells at his mom saying “Ma’ do you know what you just did?” (73). This quote is showing a great deal of emotion because you can feel the tension and frustration coming from Wes when he asks his mother if she knew what she had just done. Wes was very angry that his mother could do such a thing. Wes was extremely angry at his mother because he lost money that he did not have to pay back people back for. Wes let his opportunities go to waste because of his bad actions in the drug …show more content…
He also had another chance when he met his girlfriend Alicia which got pregnant by Wes after a couple of months being with him. Wes got into a sticky situation because he was messing around with another girl and another man found out. Wes and the other man got into a fight that tuned into a shootout and Wes shot the man and was arrested. After Wes went to Juvenile jail for some time he was released. This was another big second chance for him. When he returned back home it did not take long for him to start selling drugs again. Wes was arrested again when he got caught selling drugs by an undercover cop. Wes than got involved in an armored robbery and killed a man and was sentenced to life in prison.
Moore on the other hand had a successful life although it was not an easy road. Moore went through a tough life when he lost his father at a very young age from dying of a disease. Moore’s father was a great role model to him and he was devastated and it a deep depression that his father passed away. His father was a hard-working journalist. Moore was different than Wes because he was dedicated to make his father proud from above and to dedicate his life to be a persistent man just like his father once was. Joy and Moore move to the Bronx after his father passed

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