Essay The Challenges That Affect Me And How My Performance

1118 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
Throughout this semester, I have had many challenges. From taking too many classes, along with working my very first job, to dropping two classes and barely passing the ones that I am still taking. Although the challenges did affect me and how my performance in English 102, that is not an excuse. I have been using my challenges as a crutch for too long. My mother always told me, "God comes first, then school and everything else will fall in line." I always heard her say it, but I never listened. In all honesty, I deserve an "F" or a "D" in English 102. The first essay the class had been assigned was the poetry assignment. I started the essay and never finished it. Although I had got help from the professor and understood the assignment better, I did not complete it and turn it in. Instead of doing the first essay, I was more focused on work and my other three classes. I told myself, "It is only one essay. Just make sure you do not do this again. You just have to do all of the other assignments." I was wrong about that statement. All essays and assignments count. I learned that the hard way. The second essay was the argument essay. When the class was assigned this essay I knew I had to complete it. The class had discussions about the assignment, and my classmates and I brainstormed with one another. The discussions helped me, and I felt confident that I could do very well on this essay. Then, I realized I had a test in Calculus and Psychology, and a group project in…

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