Raising Poverty In Public Schools

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Just because we have had many successes in education and have grown mightily over the years does not mean we don’t face challenges still. One challenge that I still don’t know how to address is the growing poverty rates for families in our schools. One thing I have thoroughly enjoyed is or school implementing free breakfast and lunches for all students. But what about other things these students and their families cannot afford. What about participating in sports, bringing materials to school, buying an instrument to play. This falls right in line with the funding issues are schools are facing. We want to be providing students with every opportunity to do other activities but we don’t even have enough money to provide students with …show more content…
The easiest idea would just be for the national government to raise the amount of money they give to education. This would help solve many of the funding problems but is it realistic. I think in terms of funding schools must take a look at all of their operations and try to figure out how they can put the most money into the students education. The problem with all these issues is that they are all related. Poverty directly influences people’s ethical decision-making. Low funds for schools is directly related to the community they are in. It sadly looks like a continuous cycle. Funds for the school is directly affected by the poverty in the community, which is directly related to the ethical decisions people, make to survive. I think to start finding solutions we must start creating opportunities for people to succeed in life. We can’t give out money but we must give people the chances to provide for their families so that they can rise out of poverty. By doing this we are eliminating the need to steal or commit crime and increasing the moral values of our community. The increase in money in the community and a reduction in crime will allow more money to be given to schools. While this is idealistic I believe it can be done. While this is a long-term goal I think for the time being schools must use education to help combat poverty. Schools must …show more content…
The way to heaven is not through knowing calculus but rather knowing and believing in Jesus Christ. As an educator I have a job to educate and teach students knowledge and subjects, but as a Christian I have a calling to share the gospel, love, and forgiveness to all. I do find it frustrating that at a public school I cannot openly share my faith but I am also excited knowing that Christ will shine through me if I am living my life for Him. I know that Christ will use my actions, words, and heart to spread his love and word to those I am seeing every single day. I do love that I am allowed to answer any questions students have about my faith or God and it is amazing how He has used that to reach students. This is why I would love to continue to teach in public schools. These kids have so many issues that I cannot even begin to relate to. They are going through situations that make little to no sense and they need the Lord. As a Christian Educator I must value each student as a God’s creation and that God has put me in a role to help mold, shape and transform these students for His

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