Social Inequality In Education And Low-Income Students

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An individual’s pathway to success is crucially shaped by the class they are born in. Their class background and neighborhoods determine where their children go to school. While affluent students have options to go to high-quality public schools or private schools, low-income students have limited school options. From elementary school to high school, inequality has persisted through the lack of resources and lowered teacher expectations for low-income students. In college, low-income students still lack the resources necessary to graduate from college and get a job. The educational systems’ failure to change social inequality reinforces the inequality that is already there. Schools can disrupt these inequalities by accommodating the lower …show more content…
Affluent students are allowed to focus solely on building up their social connections (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2013, 15). Through exclusive organizations such as sororities and fraternities, affluent students can meet potential partners and have job offers. Affluent students are also able to gain internships to work at top companies through their parents’ connections (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2013, 130). Due to family connections, affluent students worry less about their future and as a result can live a carefree life in college. However, for low-income students, the competition for limited resources is fierce from the beginning (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2013, 17). For example, low-income students like Amanda have to balance working in multiple low paying jobs and excelling in their classes (Armstrong & Hamilton, 2013, 154). Low-income students have to be able to work to pay for a college education that they are failing to get. Some students can’t balance between the two, so they end up neglecting their studies which prevent them from graduating in four years. Thus, while affluent students are partying non-stop in college, low-income students have to take on additional adult

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