The Challenge Of The Leadership Challenge Project Essay

2102 Words Dec 10th, 2016 9 Pages
While contemplating ideas on what to do for The Leadership Challenge Project I had the intention to only do a project that had some significant meaning to me. My brainstorming left me with an array of concepts. Ultimately, I decided to put into action the idea I thought would have the biggest impact. A notable issue I have seen arise since the dawn of the smart phone is the dependence placed on said phones. When walking around the USU campus, waiting at the bus stop, or even eating at a restaurant it is nearly impossible not to see at least one person engulfed in the activity on his or her smart phone. I understand more often than not these people are actually working on something productive. But when these habits translate into quality time spent with family and friends, especially during meal-time, I see it as a major issue. This is why I created the “Power Off and Eat Challenge”. The challenge is to simply power off your cell phone when you are seated at a meal with family and/or friends. And the purpose of it is to create awareness and action towards the problem of our society constantly being on our phones even around our family and friends. I realize it is a small step, but sometimes one must make small changes to achieve great goals.
The initial step I knew was critical to spreading the word was to create a Facebook page. Using this page, I was enabled to educate people about the problem of phone addiction and how it may be affecting other areas of our…

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