The Causes Of Abortion And Population Growth In China

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China 's efforts to control population growth has led to many issues. The government 's One Child Policy was the cause of the many issues within the population such as decline in birth rates, unequal sex ratios, gender imbalance, and population growth. In China’s efforts to control population growth, sex selective abortion cases have increased.
Consider the 2011 murder of a seven month old baby. In Beijing, a woman was seven months pregnant with her second child when several people entered her home and took her away (Denyer). Her husband followed the group to the hospital. There, the group ignored the medical advice. Then without consent, they forcefully put a needle into her stomach. “They grabbed my wife’s body like they were grabbing a
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Also, there are ethical and social conflicts as to whether sex selective abortion should be practiced or not (Nie). Regardless of the fact that most Chinese took part in this act as a form of family planning “Many chinese officials and medical ethicists believe that sex-selective abortion should be prohibited because it is morally wrong” (Nie). Abortion has been used as a form of family planning in China, which is not at all acceptable. “The government strongly opposes any form of coerced abortion” (“Policies Against”). Many people try to be sly about their actions, when in fact, most people that participate in prenatal diagnosis do so for selective abortion actions (“Policies Against”). Sex selective abortion is a controversial topic in China where many debates take place. “Numerous challenging demographic, sociological, ethical and public policy questions have arisen from the use of sex-selective abortion and the millions of missing girls that have resulted” (Nie). Many of theses issues in China are unethical and need to be addressed. Infanticide and abandonment is illegal in China, but still occurs (“Policies Against”). Sex selective abortion is so widespread in China and has been practiced for the past couple decades. Likewise “...It is a direct consequence of the widespread practice of sex selection and is chiefly caused by the strong socio-cultural preference…” (Nie). Even though these laws are in …show more content…
Although the population is aging quickly the birthrate in China is very low (“China Approves”). This shows that the majority of the population are elderly.Older people over the age of 60 make up more than 13 percent of China’s population (Qing). This causes a strain on the workforce since the birth rate is low the elderly cannot fulfill the workplace needs. “The declining working age-population will no longer be able to support the increasingly older chinese population” (Qing). Due to the fact that a lot of people are living longer and fertility rates have declined (“China Approves”). 53 percent of China’s population under 30 are males (Qing). This connects back to the main point that sex selective abortion is a global issue that has affected China badly to the point where a little more than half of China’s population are males. China’s population has been negatively affected by the prohibited act of sex selective abortion.
Economics are very important in China after all that is why the previous one child policy was put in place in order to manage population growth to improve the economy (“China Approves”). Due to the one child policy the chinese economy grew 6.9 percent (“China Approves”). As mentioned earlier the one child policy is no longer need for economic growth and has been abolished (“Gendercide”).

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