Air Pollution In China

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Hundreds of thousands die in China from year to year, and there is only one major contributor involved, air pollution ( Over years, the hazardous air quality caused mainly by China 's industrialization and economy growth, has created many problems for the population 's health and environment. Delving into the history and demography first, this paper will cover one of China 's biggest problems. The history and demography of China is really diverse and interesting. The area of China is divided into 33 provinces ("Chinese Province Table"). With many historical events and a variety of people, the enormous country of China has a long history behind it. When the Qing dynasty collapsed in 1911, a new kind of China started to form (Kerr …show more content…
A record in 2010, states that air pollution was involved in about 1.2 million premature deaths in China ( The air in China contains many pollutants which can cause a variety of health problems ranging from reduced lung function to diseases and cancer ( The variety of damages caused depends on the pollutant 's source and how much of it is breathed ( Air pollution in China is concentrated around the most populated and economically growing cities. That is where the problem does the most damage, in largely populated cities, especially because the cities are what cause the majority of the pollution . Since China has a large population, the health risks the air pollution creates are really important and knowing the causes even more so. There are multiple causes of the air pollution in China, some of which are more severe than the others. China 's air pollution relates to almost everything in China, the economy, the government, agriculture, etc. China 's harmful accumulation of air pollution consists of soot, sulfur dioxide, ozone molecules, mono-nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide ( Knowing what causes these particles to heavily exist in China’s air and the detailed exploration of the causes will be important to the understanding of the

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