Sex-Selection Abortions: A Matter Of Choice

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Sex selection attempts to control the sex of new births in order to select a desired sex. This shows our communities continual marginalization of women throughout the world. When it comes to sex selection and gendercide, it is normal to think that it must be happening only in countries like China and India which have a very manly controlling community and they prefer men over women all the time. However it is actually happening in Unites States as well. Gender is a term pertaining to various biological characteristics that can identify an individual as female or male. In our society, we have gender biases and sadly females are targeted and discriminated. Gender preference has a long history in Unites States and it has become a common issue …show more content…
In another research by Sex-Selection Abortions: A Matter of Choice the author refers to another scholar by reiterating his solution to the sexist cultures marginalizing women, “…the solution in this case is to eliminate the social discrimination, not to eliminate the victim of it” (2012). As the inferior gender in society women face unjust treatment, unwarranted violence, abuse, and scrutiny, often forcing women to further oppressiveness. In other circumstances, the issue of women 's marginalization has become a barrios which has lead women to limited access to education, healthcare or wellness. It is hard to find well paid jobs and therefore it is difficult to afford food. This drives mothers and women in general to opt for high risk behaviors in order to sustain their families. It is true that women hold their right now to treat their body however they want, it is concerning that many have no other choice to use their body to practice unsafe actions that can be harmful for their future. An article published in 2012 by the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Sex Selective Abortion: No Simple Solution, Vogel acknowledges a number of legal actions taken by governments, targeting gender-based abortions. Specifically governments gone as far as outlawing sex-based abortions as well as enacting high sanctions for …show more content…
The alarming result of this situation is that it prioritize the rise in male to female ratios within many other nation like China and India. Another important point discussed in Vogel’s article is that “Between, three and six million such abortions were performed in India and in the 2000’s compared to between one and four million in the 1990’s” (2012). China has also experience the phenomena of gender discrimination at birth. With the many physicians and illegal clinicas practicing abortions and heartlessly killing female fetus it is very alarming to think the injustice and the level of awful actions a human been can do when living in a society used to follow injustice and not standing up for changes. After these gender-based abortions it is easily noticeable the difference on sex ratios. While analysing another article published by PLOS named High Adult Sex Ratios and Risky Behaviors: A Systematic Review, it states that “Sex-selective abortions have become so widespread that the global sex ratio at birth has increased...” this research aimed to relate the connections between the rise of risky behaviors like unsafe sex and the ratio abnormalities (Bien, Cai, Emch, Parish, & Tucker, 2013). These

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