Korean Sex Ratio Analysis

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Korean sex ratio
• In 2007, Korean announce to be the only country that able to bring a normal sex ratio that restore equal birth total for boy and girl.
• Monica Das Gupta, the demographer that was hired by the World Bank, and she was sent to Korean to do research about Korean succession on balance sex ratio.
• In 2009, she reports Korean succession that it’s because the economic development and new gender-sensitive policies is what weaken sexist value.
• Also report that because of the increase in urbanization and education that gradually destroyed social structures and value that underpinned son preference, which thus bring change to the social norms that lead to a reduction of son in Korean.
• Also state that because Asian giant country
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• The national population strategy shifted from small families toward sustainable growth, which sex selective abortion not useful for reducing the birth rate.
• But, Korean now worries about the issues of having less girl versus boy or the future of the dearth of the bride.
• In 1995, demographers projected that half of boys ages ten through fourteen would not be able to find female partners in their age when they reach adulthood.
• Crackdown fell from 117 to 113 Korea’s sex ratio at birth, which this proves this does not help in eliminate the sex selective abortion in Korean.
• On the other hand, the arrest has the temporarily effective that served as an advertisement for some doctors who practice under the table while having patients seeking them to do illegal sex identified. This due to the government suppression was not sustained.
• However, encounter act of this problem government providing sex identified at clinics which this low the illegal act in
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• This happened because of the continue fighting of many organizations like the women’s health and populations or UN agency that fund for fighting the sex selection.
• There also many organization or movement active to stop sex selective abortion.
• UNFPA, the group that tally number of female fetuses aborted in Asia and their real purpose is reducing access to abortion around the world.
• The Population Research Institute (PRI) lead by Steven Mosher, who in the early of 1980 work on the issues of Chinese women forced into abortion as late as seven months pregnant.
• Later announcing himself as anti-abortion activist focus on global population control movement.
• In 1995 he was hired direct by PRI notorious anti-abortion group Human Life International.
• Which the PRI aim exposes the relentless promotion of abortion and promote pro-natal, pro-family attitudes, laws, and policies.
• Mosher, see that a slip into U.S law a prohibition on sex selective abortion would create a precedent for later

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