The Case Of Franklin Equipment, Ltd. Essay

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Having a concise team development strategy is an important part of project management. In the case of Franklin Equipment, Ltd., they mentioned different criteria of how to put together a team for a project as well as how did the project manager handle the on-going conflict between team members. This paper will cover the criteria used by Franklin Equipment, Ltd. (FEL) to assign managers to project teams, the reason why it is important to work well together on an international project, what the internal consultant is faced with to build the team, and the consultant’s recommendation to the project manager on how to manage the team during the entire duration of the project.
Criteria use by Franklin Equipment, Ltd The project manager of the Project Abu Dhabi, Charles Gatenby, asks for some insight from the internal consultant Carl Jobe on how to proceed with putting the right managers to work well together for the project. Jobe made an outline for Gatenby on assigning the right manager for each task. The factors they used to put the team together are the following: problem-solving skills, availability to work on the project, experience, and credibility. So first off, Jobe interviewed each single team members and ask them their opinion of the other colleagues and the potentials and downsides of the project. Then, he organized a meeting with the whole team after the interview with the information in hand in order to establish a team identity and a collective vision (Gray, C., &…

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