Team Role Play Project Individual Report

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I. Introduction
The aim of this report is to provide you the individual research efforts, contribution, interactions, and personal learning insights on the Team / Role Play Project since the individual report 1.
II. Summarise / analyse your individual research efforts on the Team / Role Play Project since your Individual Report 1
My assigned role in DataSpread project was Pricing for Value Strategy/Basis. During all phases of the project, I used to look for external sources of information that supports operations to achieve the project objectives. University Library site and some articles in the student page (course material) were one of my sources. I 've got the information about technology products, small markets, and strategies in which
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• Product appraisal
A tool that enables to set price what your product really create wealth.
• Market portfolio
A comprehensive data set that compare the product to the competition from the perspective of the customers
• Value pricing chart
A graph that educates you that how much difference your product makes with respect to reference products in the markets
• Value selling tools
Enables to extract the full value of your performance advantage.
III. Summaries / analyse your individual contribution towards working papers, reports and presentations for the Team / Role Play Project since your Individual Report 1
As a team, we divided the job in earlier stage to provide every member of the team with specified task and responsibilities. I’ve been asked to work on a several tasks, such as reports and presentation. Following is a summary of my individual contribution to the team project since the individual report 1.
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The major task was providing a summary of the project. During the presentation I explained the main points of the course of the project operations (interviews, pricing strategy and marketing messages). In addition, the minor task was the cooperation with the member of the team (Joseph) analyzing the project 's objectives and the progress made on each.
IV. Summarise / analyse your interactions with your Team members, and others since your Individual Report 1
Since the individual report 1, there has been continuous communication with team members. The team adopted to communicate with each by email or through the group discussion board. I used to receive the assigned task from the team admin “ Michael” based on the timeline of our project to work on it, evaluate the content, find the solution, then submit it to the group board for example, reports, and presentation. Therefore, I have contributed with the team to achieve the objectives of the project through several phases, including:
Analysing the interviews.
Proposed pricing flyer.
Initial sales pricing table.
Priced and created our flyer by selling on

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