High-Performance Team Development

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Managing a project team is actively managing the team to ensure that the work is being done to accomplish a project. A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Gray, Larson, 2014, pg. 6). The project team actually does the project while the project manager manages the project. Managing human resources is probably one of the most complex areas as people can be unpredictable, can give rise to an expected conflict, the level of their morale can go up or down, and also of course for either personal or professional reasons, some may leave the project in an unplanned manner (PMP Mastery, 2016).
There are characteristics that teams must have to exhibit positive synergy, and they will result in high-performing
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Having 10 or fewer members per team may not happen, because many projects require more than 10 members. Members volunteer to serve on a team, but in a lot of organizations the managers pick the members. Members work on the entire project and they are full time, but team members may have to move in and out of the project and be part time in order to improve resources. There are other factors and they all need to be recognized and the team should try to the best with each limitation. Members report only to the project manager, but in some cases team members report to different managers. Team members and managers should recognize any situational constraints and do the best they can. Every team will not be a high-performance …show more content…
One problem in a team could be groupthink and this a tendency of members in highly cohesive groups to lose their critical evaluative capabilities (Gray, Larson, 2014, pg. 660). Secondly a team could develop the bureaucratic bypass syndrome where they don’t have to go through the normal protocol, and they may start to isolate other members that have to follow the procedures. A team could then start to be infatuated instead of having team spirit, although this will cause the project to be successful, you may have broken relationships when the project is completed. And finally the team may go native. This is when the teams start to be more concerned with the customer’s interest and not the interest of the organization. The right steps should be taken to prevent these things from

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