The Brain Network Of Serial Killers And Psychopaths Essay

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The Brain Network of Serial Killers and Psychopaths

A Serial Murder Symposium was held where all the attendees discussed and agreed that there was no generic profile of a serial murderer. How a serial killer commits a crime depends on a lot of different aspects including motivation, his behaviour, how he was raised and what circumstances he had faced in childhood. How are they identified and arrested? A police officer should be trained, how exactly to decipher one from another? The Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI came up with a Monograph for a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective for Investigators. In the symposium they discussed the various myths as well as the actual reasons, criteria, and differences between psychopaths and serial murders.
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How can you distinguish one from the other? Are Psychopaths more dangerous than serial killers? They do share some certain basic criteria for example selection, targeting, approach, control, and disposing of the bodies. The continuous killing of three or more people with the same characteristics then that person would be a serial killer. What motivates these murders, number of murders involved, and the temporal aspects of the murders? A break-in time was necessary to distinguish between a mass murder and a serial murder. Federal laws were passed by congress, but they were generic and had to be reassessed, reviewed and discussed about the pros and cons of the variations. If there was a lower number of victims, the law enforcement would be able to financial execute the resources required for a potential serial murder …show more content…
To completely differentiate them still more research is needed. How the brain works and it manoeuvre around genetics is part of the requirement to understand and prevent them from conducting. So I decided to do some research on a level of genetics, and neurobiology. According to (TBI) a human brain is made up of a cortex, brain stem, ganglia, and cerebellum as well as lobes; parietal, frontal, temporal, occipital each has parts which helps us perform certain functions. Frontal lobe and the brainstem play a major role in concentration and attention as well as motivation, judgement, behavioural choices, planning, personality all which play a part in development of a serial killer, psychopath.
The temporal lobe emotional interpretation and communication. A neuroscientist, (Jim Fallon) was fascinated with the brains and development of a psychopath and serial killers. His brain and genetic makeup were the exact print required of a serial killer, so to find out if they played a role in formation of one, he decided to conduct an experiment. His research included brains of normal and criminal people. He described how parts of the brain are yellow and red but in parts of the orbital cortex there is nothing or low activity. The orbital cortex is like a brake for amygdala which controls aggression and appetite. Some have imbalance either they are born with it or an injury. Most of these traits are passed down

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