The Brain Network Of Serial Killers And Psychopaths Essay

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The Brain Network of Serial Killers and Psychopaths

A Serial Murder Symposium was held where all the attendees discussed and agreed that there was no generic profile of a serial murderer. How a serial killer commits a crime depends on a lot of different aspects including motivation, his behaviour, how he was raised and what circumstances he had faced in childhood. How are they identified and arrested? A police officer should be trained, how exactly to decipher one from another? The Behavioural Analysis Unit of the FBI came up with a Monograph for a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective for Investigators. In the symposium they discussed the various myths as well as the actual reasons, criteria, and differences between psychopaths and serial murders. After reading this monograph I was astounded that these myths are incorrect and actually include people as common as a teacher, or thrill seekers like Ted Bundy, and Gary Heidnik (“enki village”). I wanted to find out whether there is a genetic component common to serial killers or whether the environment they grew up in affected the outcome. Serial killers, though a rare (1% per year) occurrence, have been known since the late 1880s such as “Jack the Ripper” as well as Ted Bundy, BTK, Green River Killer. Myths regarding killers say they are all dysfunctional loners; who don’t have a social life, or come out of their room, nor do they have any IQ. Serial murderers are not all white males and can have origins of different ethnicity.…

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