The Characteristics Of The Serial Killer: Nanie Doss

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Nannie Doss

Serial Killers are all around us. “The term ‘serial killings’ means a series of three or more killings, not less than one of which was committed within the United States, having common characteristics such as to suggest the reasonable possibility that the crimes were committed by the same actor or actors” ( Not all serial killers are the same. Although, they do share similar characteristics; “arson, antisocial behavior, torturing small animals, childhood abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, poor family life, voyeurism, intelligence and shiftlessness” (9 Warnings of a Serial Killer article). Serial killers also follow these guidelines: “Quantity. There have to be at least three murders. Place. The murders have to occur at
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Born as Nancy Hazle on November 4, 1905, she had a very rough childhood. Her father, James Hazle, was very abusive and pulled her out of school for help on the farm. She dropped out of school after completing the sixth grade. When she was seven, she experienced head trauma on a train. As a result, Nancy suffered with depression, blackouts and headaches. James Hazle did not allow his daughters to express their feminine tendencies. They were not allowed to wear makeup, talk to boys or wear dresses. Doss began to experience social interaction in 1921 with her first job at a linen factory. There she met Charles Braggs who lived with his single mother. They got married after five months of dating and she moved in with them. Ms. Braggs was very similar to James. She was very controlling and manipulative. Nancy and Charles had four children which restricted Nancy. She was abused by Charles and became a drunk. Two of their children died from food poisoning. Charles left with their oldest child and left Nancy with his sick mother and their newborn. His mother died and eventually Charles returned with his new girlfriend and their oldest daughter, Melvina. Charles and Nancy got a divorce. Soon after, Nancy got remarried to a man by the name Robert Harrelson. He turned out to be deep in debt and got into several bar fights. He died 16 years after they got married. In 1943, Melvina, Nancy’s oldest daughter, had a son and a daughter in 1945. Unfortunately, the daughter died for unexplainable reasons. Melvina claims she saw her mother stick a hairpin into the baby 's head, but there was no evidence to support it. Melvina and Doss got into an argument in July of 1945 over Melvina’s new boyfriend. Later that night, Robert, Malvina’s son, died of an unknown cause in Doss’ care. In September of the same year, Frank Harrelson supposedly got drunk and raped Doss and she seeked

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