Advantages And Disadvantages Of Serial Killers

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A serial killer is defined as someone who murders three or more people within a monthly period. There are some similar characteristics when it comes to serial killers and other types of murderers, for example in both cases the victims are killed by a person who gains momentary control over them; however, there are many more differences than similarities when it comes to serial killers. Firstly, above all other types of murderers, a serial killers main focus is to avoid any suspicion or recognition from the authorities. On the contrary, mass murderers, for example, are usually caught or turn themselves in to the authorities, or end up committing suicide. It is as if they get pleasure out of it because serial killers will continue to murder a number of victims for weeks or even years, depending on when or if they ever get apprehended. Serial killers often become …show more content…
Overall, serial killers are people who continuously commit murders over a long period of time, and carry out their killing throughout different locations. Reasons as to why people choose to engage in serial murder differ when it comes to each individual; however, this problem is most likely caused when an individual has either a physical issue, psychological issue, or it can also be genetically passed down throughout the family. It has also been said that serial killers are made up of people who have faced abandonment throughout their life or abuse, causing the creation of the foundation of the intense murderer. However, adding the two together, a troubled past and genetics, it makes a lot more sense as to why an individual would turn out this way. It is understandable that many people have to deal with harsh, unforgettable upbringings and are forced to deal with many awful experiences as children but do not turn into serial killers, or killers of any

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