Environmental Effects Of Serial Killers

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Ted Bundy once said, “I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill (“Top”).” This is due to the fact that psychopaths do not feel any remorse or guilt for killing. Psychopaths and sociopaths do not have the ability to feel emotion. Several scientific studies have been conducted that show how their brains work. Most psychopathic or sociopathic flaws are mental, but there can be environmental effects too (Brogaard). Trending movies
(Ted) such as Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street also have an effect on these people (“8”). Serial killers are formed by their flawed mind, mixing with their environment causing outbursts of violence to occur. It has been proven that environmental issues can lead to in a person 's mind becoming psychotic. There are ways
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Her father, whom she had never met, was serving prison time for raping a seven-year-old girl. So, Aileen was taken under the wing of her grandfather. While she was a young child and on into her pre-teen years, he physically and sexually abused her. She ran away at fifteen years old. Unfortunately, she became a prostitute and a serial killer. Aileen would pick up her clients, shoot them, then steal whatever possessions and/or money they had on them. She took out her anger from her mother leaving her, her father not being in her life at all, and her grandfather abusing her out on her victims (“9”). This is a common motive for many …show more content…
There are some disorders that tend to work within killers ' minds (Brogaard). APD or Antisocial Personality Disorder is a frequent factor in many killers. This disorder is considered a “cluster B personality” and is closely related to psychopathy. Although, psychopathy is not a clinical diagnosis; neurologists believe it is a developmental disorder (Pemment). In the brain of the person who has this disorder, he or she does not have the correct judgement skills which, in return, can be destructive and dysfunctional. Also, the host does not think about others’ rights, wishes, or feelings. Therefore, there would be no caution or rational reasoning for the crimes that person commits

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