The Blind Side, Remember The Titans, And Friday Night Lights

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Sports is a big aspect of high school life, especially the sport of football. The films The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, and Friday Night Lights, all revolve around the sport of football and how it manages to change the lives of the athletes. Among these films, the main themes I will focus on will be on the impact of being in a team and the influence an authority figure has on the athletes’ lives. I will begin with examining the theme of being a part of a sports team and how much growth it can have on an individual. At the beginning of the Blind Side, Michael Oher was extremely reserved and did not know how to play football. However, throughout the movie with the help of the Tuohy family, he began to open up as to who he was and was taught the ways of football. A particular tactic I would like to point out that was taught to Michael was protection, which later allowed him to grow as an individual. Mrs. Tuohy told him that his football team was his new family and that his main concern should be to protect his teammates since …show more content…
In this film, each group of athletes had their own coach and respected him. However, when it came to having two coaches, one being white and the other being African American, each group tended to only listen to the coach they identified with. The respect was not seen until Coach Boone set his authority among both groups and demanded respect as their new coach. At first, the white athletes refused to respect him but soon learned that they had no other choice. Once Coach Boone was able to set his role among the athletes, he was able to bring the team together. Boone forced the students to interact with one another, to forget about each other’s race, and only focus on football and winning. By having a consistent strict authority Boone was able to get the team to get along so well that they all became best friends by the end of

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