The Benefits Of Living A Healthy Life

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There is many benefits of living a healthy life, for example being filled with energy and just not having that late afternoon crash. Staying in shape is always a beneficial thing for anyone it is very important to realize that with exercising and have some type of activity will always and only benefit our health in the long term. There is many studies that indicated what exercising could do for the human body. For example, according to Male Appleby she states that exercising could benefit us in twenty-five different ways. Appleby writes, “How exercise will benefit the heart, our cardiovascular health would improve, we would look younger, live a longer life, and lastly we would just look great.” ( these are just some of the benefits that we can obtain from exercising and realize that we are just doing something good to benefit our health.
Some of these benefits will indeed help those who are in the early stages of depression as well as those who are having some episodes of depression. It is just a matter of performing a type of exercising and staying committed to it to
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According to the American Psychiatric Association they write, [“Depression is diagnosed when at least four of the following symptoms persist for two weeks or more: Insomnia or excessive sleepiness, reduced concentration, thinking ability, and recurrent thoughts of death and/or suicide, feelings of worthlessness, guilt or self-reproach.”] ( The things that could determine if someone has depression are scary thoughts, because many people suffer from sleeping disorders and they might not be aware that it could be a sign of depression. Having a feeling that your begin watched or feeling guilty of something can also be a sign of depression which indeed is that sad truth of depression and how it can really effect someone’s

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