Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Weight Training

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Do you take most of your important decisions by weighing costs against benefits? If you do, then you are definitely not the only one. Most people agree to start something new only when they see substantial gains from such activity. So, when it comes to health there are few other activities more beneficial than weight training. It is an important part of strength training and forms one of the pillars of fitness philosophy. In case you are still looking for reasons to start weight training you may want to read further.

The benefits to be derived from weight training are diverse. But broadly, they can be classified into two groups. These are:

1. A radical change in your appearance and body shape. You can rediscover yourself while your family and friend find a 'new you!'

2. Elimination of health risks by betterment of vital bodily
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Increased body strength, along with stamina, balance and flexibility can help you undertake such physically rigorous activities which you never dreamed of doing. Also, you can be sure of retaining your physical strength better as you age.

There is a common misconception that women should not undertake weight training. However if you ask a fitness trainer, she will tell you that increased bone strength and density is one of the most important benefits of weight training for women.

Weight training has also been accepted as a key to wellness. Wellness is a term used to describe good health, feeling energized and freedom from diseases. A key factor behind this is that regular exercise helps you sleep better and thus recharge your body everyday.

Other than these benefits, weight training can also help you if you have a chronic disease. A modified form of weight training, called 'progressive resistance training' or PRT, is finding great acceptance within the field of medicine. A fitness trainer can help you with this.

Now that you know what weight training holds for you, what are you waiting

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