Essay on The Benefits Of Free College

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Today, the United States doesn’t offer free tuition for higher education to college of the Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is vowing for “free” college tuition if he is elected. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, is proposing a plan that could possibly make paying back the entirety of student loans a thing of the past, but many economists, business leaders and Republican presidential candidates feel differently about the benefits of “free college”. Should the Democratic Party leaders see their plans through of free college tuition and eliminating student loans, costs would soar cost for tax payers and higher education would become less valuable for those who earn one.
Sanders made free education one of his earliest and biggest campaign issues, Sanders’s proposed plan has the government picking up the cost of the tuition. Clinton’s plan is more complicated. Hillary has proposed to pledge $350 billion over the next decade to help make college more reasonably priced for students across the country. While requiring college students to work a minimum of 10 hours a week during college attendance, her plan would also dictate that a college graduates would never need to pay more than 10 percent of their annual salary to pay down student loans they obtain throughout college. Students who continually make payments on time would have their remaining debt erased after 20 years. (Clinton Campaign)
The problem with Presidential runner Bernie Sanders’s plan…

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