Bernie Sanders On Free College Education

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Amirah Badriah Mohd Azhar
Political Science 1
Professor Anderson
June 16, 2016
Paper Assignment: Bernie Sanders on Free College Education in the United States
The Senator from Vermont that nobody knew about prior to the presidential race, Bernie Sanders, has come a long way to the surprise of most of the American public. Nobody could foresee the immense support he will gain especially from the younger generation who are the major force behind his campaigns and rallies. He has rejected funding from Super PACS as he believed that politics and big money are a potent mix and is doing more harm than good for the country’s political system. To him, the billionaires and top one percent are controlling politics and the government to their favor, instead of catering to the needs of the other 99 percent. He has called for a revolution with ideas that some might call radical and unrealistic. However, the future where he becomes the next President of the United States, seems bleak. Hillary Clinton is the more likely candidate to be nominated for the Democratic Presidential nominee. Nonetheless, Bernie Sanders still has not dropped out of the race or suspended his campaign, so I believe his issues are still worthy of being debated. An issue that resonates with me strongly which I would like to analyze is Sanders’ stand on free college education.
According to his official website, Sanders believes that it is about time America makes college tuition free and debt free. He has always

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