Drug Testing In The Workplace Essay

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I feel that drug testing in the workplace is effective and smart when it comes to whom you want working for you. There have been many accidents in companies because of people abusing drugs. There have been lives lost as well as oils spills because of alcohol or drugs. According to the video Debate over drug testing the annual loss in the workplace is about 100 billion dollars due to drug abuse. As well as increased healthcare costs. More and more big companies are drug testing in the work place because drugs do affect people’s work. Small businesses haven’t really enforced drug testing like the big companies. I agree with the video about how small companies have more to lose then big companies when it comes to their employees doing drugs. I …show more content…
385). I think they should do this at my work place so situations like the one with the busser can be avoided. I see it this being done everywhere else, especially with big companies. I’m sure my work would be willing to do this if it didn’t cost money. There are many benefits to drug testing like identification of drug users in an organization, deterrence of potential drug abuse, improvement of worker morale, increased productivity, decreased workplace accidents, and overall cost effectiveness (Faupel, Weaver, & Corzine, 2014, p. 386). There are so many benefits to drug testing in the workplace, what is spending a little money but saving a lot of money in the long run. If you do something as simple as drug testing, odds are that your business will be more successful. Even with just random drug testing people will be scared to do drugs because they risk getting caught or even losing their job. It might be harder to have suspicions because managers can be very preoccupied with what they have to do that they overlook someone that may be using drugs and affecting their business in a negative way. There is great concern that drug testing will negatively affect worker morale (Faupel, Weaver, & Corzine, 2014, p. 388). People are concerned with there being a negative impact when it comes to drug testing but I

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